Lets take you on a Europe  culinary experience featuring some of my favorite spots. From snails, to traditional liver bits and pork belly to the mediterranean flavours which  is my favourite type of food – you will find all sort of things in Europe. Yet todays list is an array of luxury. Food that melts indoor mouth and is some cases from restaurants that have the acclaimed Michelin star – as you might have seen from the Emily in Paris season 3 ; these are pretty darn difficult to get and even harder to maintain. So, darlings – where can you eat lavishly for the foodies that love a treat there and then.

  1. Brasserie des haras (France – Strasbourg) This place brings me memories of how times are fleeting and how hard and smart work does pay off, it is also a place that reminds me to have daily gratitude for the blessings we have – Having been in the city on numerous occasions from times I didn’t have anything to times I could treat myself for the hard sweat and blood. This place stands out as a place to simply enjoy the French cuisine without the bitesized portions. They make a lovely spot and get away for a brunch or dinner. They do have a Michelin star and have a boutique hotel with a lovely garden for tranquil moments. 

2. Herve  (Greece – Athens) This is a recommendation from a friend, I travelled with – who absolutely loved the place. They also have a Michelin star. Herve is a fusion of cosine which makes it a special place. Its a place to book well in advance to get a sit at the table. This might as well be the best food you have ever had with their cosy set up with the Chefs table where you feel intimate like you are in your own kitchen with friends.

3. Merceri (Greece – Athens) There is something about Greece that makes it a unreal almost  – like two women meeting in a magical place called Santorini where they learned the art of food and creating a restaurant called Merceri – which oozes of feminine power which is seductive with the food. Heard about this place from a friend I met in Santorini, who couldn’t stop talking about them. With contemporary dishes with an international flavour which are based around typical Greek recipes. If you are looking for an experience , then dinner time is the time to be there. 

.A gourmet is a person who is totally devoted to eating.”
Lu Wenfu, ‘The Gourmet’
(‘Choice Cuts’ by Mark Kurlansky, 2002)

4. Finika (Greece – Oia) So had to skip over to Santorini and continue this becoming Greece list of delicacies. Oia is absolutely special and when you have a view and a sunset that is so unique, then it is fitting to place a restaurant / or many for that matter in this heaven. That is Finika – the view plus food porn.  You have to be there for yourself to fully be immersed in this experience . 

5. Aktaion (Greece – Firostefani – Santorini) So this is where it gets legit. It has to be if its recommended by a local- the real ones. The restaurant itself claims to serve one of the most delicious and refined expressions of local and Mediterranean cuisine since . What she said. Affirmative. If you love Mediterranean cuisine – this is the authentic Greece food. Authenticity and made with homey love is the true luxury.



“Fine dining”

Let me know if you ever drop by these 5 places and am sure you have more places to add – would be happy to hear about them. 

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