I ndia was truly special in many ways –  I finally understood why people travel here for spiritual awakenings and food culture. With so much diversity in the country . the destinations to explore are so diverse that India needs time to fully embrace itIn this article will mention a few places if you are travelling with limited time, as I was.

Take moments – Dare to Discover – Make Memories.

Growth is found is these.

  • Mumbai – if you watch Bollywood then this place will immediately strike you as the old Angelos of India. it almost feels like Europe with a twist in some areas which is interesting.
  • Dehli – for the food lovers and daring gourmet devotes, this place is the one. it is full of markets and the food is something they warm you about before you go there – the Delhi belly they call it – but the European forgets that the African stomach is fit for daring food escapades. 
  • Agra – The city of love and war. This is the place where the Taj Mahal world wonder located – it is the discovery of the stories associated with love and al things that come with it in combination with wealth and power. 
  • Bangalore – For the seafood lovers and cultural experience. Banagalore has some amazing dishes and is well worth visiting the temples whilst there. 

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“Agra midst”


Overall so many places to experience. Including places that offer amazing hikes in the region – the areas bordering Nepal and the. otherwise of things for the beach and party lovers you have Gobi and then there is also Pune which is close to some universities, making this a hub of buzzing life with the proximity to Mumbai and some amazing stop overs in between the cities. From wine tasting stops to food and places for the soul.

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