D iscovery is part of finding out who you truly are in various situations with different types of people.  For most people who you show up as with your best friend or closest friends is very different to who you potentially show up as with your acquantainces – also the various elements of a group may also influence how you are able to show up. This makes experiencing a wider range of environments useful for a full spectrum of development. Dare to discover – become truly you. When you are relaxed you use different muscles as well than when you are stressed. So encountering periods where you are able to safely problem solve in crisis is also part of development of your true self. Whilst a lot of people believe you can’t change who you are – you certainly can grow and that is the mindset that most travel allows you to experience when you get outside your “norm” and start living the spectrums of yourself that show up in these environments that you navigate. 

Discovering your full self – tapping into unknown potential. You never know what strengths you have within you until thats the only option to use them.

Dare to discover – become fully you by tapping into your unknown strengths.

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