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Emily in Paris 

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Bonjour! The third season of Netflix’s Emily in Paris is out and season 4 has been confirmed, absolutely ravished it with friends during the end of December, the quirky show has a ton of entertaining quotes and makes Paris seem like a dream with great food, scenic areas and dare we say ze fashion, ze fashion people. No one walks in Paris like that ( ok, certainly not my people, maybe the runway showbiz) but we will take it and whilst at it scream “take me to Paris, NOW” to live the fantasy of Emily’s life!

The show features Emily Cooper, American madamoiselle who is given the opportunity to work at a French marketing firm for a bit …take that bit with a pinch of salt. As Emily tries to find her footing in Paris, she works to balance her love life. Ah Paris, city of love – isn’t it fitting to be finding balance to a love life in non other than the city of love itself. If you want more scoop on this check out Sarah scoops blog which features some highlights and quotes.

Despite the mixed opinions, Emily’s fashion faux pas, it is undeniable that each character is très quirky. There are a few shows that I watch throughout the year ( countable on both hands ) and Emily in Paris it made to the list again because of two friends crazy about the show which makes it entertaining to roast them about the show snippets after.  Now lets get to Paris. 

So, What makes Paris charming to visit? Emily in Paris though having so many mixed feelings and portraying an unrealistic outlook of life in Paris , it seems to have toped the top 10 list of most watched shows making the amount of people with Paris on their bucket list even higher as a prediction, given the show glamourises the city and highlights an interesting American take or twist to things. 

What do the French have to say about the show ? NBC Reported that “It is this unrealistic portrayal of their city and the stereotypical, and sometimes unflattering, depiction of the French that so irks some young Parisian women and those living in surrounding suburbs, many of whom have railed against the show. The series follows Emily Cooper (Lily Collins), a 20-something marketing executive from Chicago as she navigates life in the French capital. 

“It was worse than cliché, it felt like it was Americans mocking French people,” said Julie Seguin, 27, who didn’t finish the first season and said she had no plans to watch the second. “I don’t understand their vision of Paris.” 

Young women who spoke to NBC News said they didn’t recognize their city or their lives in the series, where characters are wealthy, many barely work and people have passionate but fraught affairs — caricatures that do not match reality for most Parisians, they said. 

However, lets breakdown the vision of Paris in the Emily in Paris show that makes it one for the bucket list of places to travel. . 

  • Exquisite Cultural Events & get aways: The show makes Paris the hub of events with the show members never running out of things to do and always having some rendezvous miraculously. In the series, Emily has a way of finding herself in the most beautiful places in the capital, often at a corporate event. Set off in her footsteps with our guide to visit places in the series, but also places that could have been excellent alternatives, and let your guests discover the best of the Paris events scene. You will also find La Château de Sonnay in the Loire Valley, which is very near to Paris. 
  • An Art and Architecture Hub From Palaces, chateaus to the art exhibitions done by Camille in the series. Also take for example Palais Garnier which is an iconic Parisian jewel and it certainly makes an impression, like many other places featured in the series. 

“I like Paris, but I’m not really sure Paris likes me.” – Emily

  • The Food Scenery When you know, you know. I mean a top magazine even based its recipes inspirations and restaurant guide from Emily in Paris. So they were onto to something where they headlined

    The only Paris restaurant guide you need, courtesy of Emily in Paris.

    From Quiche, Onion soup to tripe with apple cider sautéed apples – Chef Gabriels restaurant is inspiring many and is on its way to get a Michelin hilariously.

See some snips form Emily in Paris. ( Pics courtesy of Netflix)  


Overall, am looking forward to season 4, on how it will make us feel about the city. and it the show crew makes a turn around to bring more diversity and realistic sides of Paris for the everyday man.

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