L.ove lives in Italy with so many Romantic cities like Venice and even Florence, Alma, Genoa – giving the flair of this beautiful country.  Italy is one of the youngest countries in Western Europe apparently  Italy as one country was born around only 150 years ago. If compared to ca 600–700 years old countries like England or Switzerland then yes Italy is a youngest. 

“The name of Italy has magic in its very syllables.”

                                                  — MARY SHELLEY (1797-1851) – ENGLISH NOVELIST

So what makes this place beautiful? Personally the food coupled with the landscapes – Italy is filled with riches. It offers you spectacular cities, ancient ruins, wonderful museums, soaring mountains, great beaches, and beautiful natural scenery – all packed in one. No wonder, it features in the bucket lists of a lot of people according to the , whilst mama loves Italy says “Italy is famous for the Renaissance and the incredible artists it produced. Italy is famous for its tourism, its art cities and unique scenery. Italy is also known for its language, its opera, its fashion and its luxury brands. It is also known for its football team!”


  • “You may have the world if I may have Italy” — Giuseppe Verdi (1813-1901) – Italian opera composer.

Italy is also home to many UNESCO World Heritage areas that any other European country. Apparently 55 Reasons people add Italy to their bucket list.  What adds to the beauty is the charismatic Italians and also the warmth ( in some areas ) – making this a paradise.

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“Aerial view Florence”

“The Ponte Vecchio”

Florence remains one of the places that stayed close to heart. Did this as a solo trip whilst visiting a friend who was quite busy during the times I was there – best experiences ever as I dared to discover without waiting for someone else to make the trip. Best things to do – was grading a gelato whilst walking around the city during the mornings ( yes you read right – mornings with some gelato) Then there was the olive oil tasting paired with wine. So what are you waiting for – go dare to discover.!

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