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Muzvare Shonga

Let me tell you , Europe is absolutely easier to access countries within the region than any other continent I have experienced – with mostly seamless fluid borders ( till COVID times, in most parts  at least ) and sometimes flights being as cheap as 20 pounds ( recent video I saw on this lad who literally travelled across 5 countries on the go without breaking the bank ) .So lets talk a bit about Europe and some best places to visit  bear in mind a best to top places in the world is absolutely subjective to a persons experience and also background with the placeso here is my subjective “some” of the best places to visit – as I feel the world has so many of these

The European Union is such a great gift with so much freedom of movement across the countries promoting growth and exchange.

  • Greece: so far Santorini took my breathe away, literally.
  • Switzerland: St Moritz and Lucerne are the perfect haven. 
  • Austria: Voarleberg remains undefeated, okay maybe Tyrol area tops it.
  • Italy: From Como to Silicily and Florence – this is the holy grail for food.
  • Spain : There is something that struck me about Madrid, then there was Barcelona..
  • Portugal: Lisbon in a word is fun & easy going (okay two words) Madeira is one for the books,
  • France: from Normandy to Paris to Nice, Paris remains a hit or miss depending on how you travel.

These are some of the places I enjoyed , there are of cause more – like Czech, Belgium, Poland and the list is endless. 

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Though I personally would never want to live in France, given my experience when I relocated and lived there for about 2 years – Its is a lovely place to visit. With so much diversity across the country From Normandy region with the nice cliffs and castles, to Lyon, Paris the city of love, to Nice the beach paradise near Monaco to oh so much more…

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